2020 Rocketry Index

A Comprehensive Guide of Next Level’s Rocket Fleet.

Rocket Description | Next Level Digital Media & Marketing

Rockets have a clear destination & objective

Rockets require a tremendous amount of effort & energy to launch

Rockets require less and less energy along their journey until eventually, are propelled by their own momentum

Propelled By Data

The Next Level fleet runs on quality data, but great data means nothing if we don’t use it to make decisions. All of our rockets will collect & analyze data across the user’s experience and use that data to improve our ROI.

Propelled by data

Our team of digital specialists have put together a fleet of rockets, specifically designed to take you brand to the Next Level.


Created to digitally, expose a business to as many new users as possible. These rockets are designed to create a lot of awareness in
users searching about your services. Iris is efficient and essential to any advertising strategy.

Next Level's IRIS Rocket


We utilized the data and analytics from thousands of our campaigns and created a perfect rocket to embody the spirit of Ares, the Greek god of war. Ares rockets are built for one purpose: return on investment from your advertising.

Next Level's ARES Rocket


This is a retainer service intended for Next Level to take marketing strategy and execution off the clients plate so they have more time to do what they do best, run their business. You give us a budget for marketing, we give you execution and marketing accountability.

Nemesis Rocket | Next Level Digital Media & Marketing


Full video production intended for use on digital media and television. Media-Rich advertisements receive 4 – 8 x the reach, on average. 

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