2020 SEO Concentrations

Our CEO Eric Parent provides his SEO concentrations for Next Level Digital Media & Marketing. A Digital Advertising & Marketing Agency in Melbourne, FL

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be a difficult job to lead customers to the desired clients. SEO is the process of increasing website traffic quality and quantity by increasing the visibility of a website or web page on a web search engine. In the article, “What local SEO should focus on in 2020,” on Search Engine Land, gives insight from industry experts. They each give their recommendations on what local SEO should bring their attention towards this upcoming year.

One of the most important parts of an SEO strategy is to not only attract new customers but to keep the customers interested in the client. Mike Blumenthal from GatherUp says, “the job that will earn you the most and return them the most is helping your clients find and keep customers.” Finding customers is a lot easier than keeping customers. Staying in contact with customers by not only reading reviews and FAQs but staying active, replying and studying data to help clients understand customers and what changes are needed to improve the business. Krystal Taking from Rio SEO builds on this idea and she says, “don’t just listen but participate in the conversation about your brand in search, whether that’s via reviews, Q&A, chat and so on.” Engagement is key to building relationships with customers. Willing customers leaving reviews positive or negative will help push the business to a better state. Knowing what is working and what isn’t is essential to making improvements.

Another important part of any SEO strategy is to make sure the website itself is cared for and is always displaying quality content that could be shown in search results. Miriam Ellis from Moz explains, “I recommend lavishing extra care on photos, posts, and reviews, all of which Google increasingly understands and is displaying in new ways.” It is important for a website to be updated with new and strong images and posts. This helps to ensure that if a customer stumbles on any of the business’s content, they will get a good first impression and will not be turned off by outdated content. Frequent updates on websites and replies show customers that the business is active and communicating with customers.

One crucial part of any SEO strategy is to test everything to make sure it is all running smoothly for the users. Dan Leibson from LocalSEOGuide states, “while there may be lots of SEO advice that is applicable to various business types, don’t make any assumptions. Always be testing with your own sites before rolling out any big changes.” This means that there should not be any assuming that things will work the way they are meant to. It should always be a focus on testing the site to see if all features are working properly.

Appealing and retaining customers through responding to their questions and studying review data can help to improve the business. Frequently updating website content such as photos, videos, and posts to keep new and old customers engaged in the business. Testing the new changes to a website by not making assumptions will benefit website releases. Attracting and keeping customers, actively updating website content, and testing the site for any errors are all important qualities to focus on for an SEO strategy.

2020 SEO Concentrations from our CEO, Eric Parent Next Level Digital Media & Marketing, LLC
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