Advertising on Instagram

 Instagram was founded ten years ago and has grown rapidly ever since. In 2019, it’s user base grew by 6.7%. This has made it a valuable platform for many brands, both organically and through paid content. So, should you be advertising on Instagram?

Well, good news! You probably already are! Because Instagram is owned by Facebook they use the same ad platform. If you run ads on Facebook, it automatically runs them on Instagram too. 

So, if you’re already using Instagram, what’s it all about? Who are you reaching? Is it working for your brand?


With 37% of adults being active on Instagram, brands can reach a lot of people. In fact, 90% of users report following at least one brand on Instagram. On top of that, it is the second most logged onto social media site (Facebook being the first), with 60% of users logging on daily. 

While Instagram gives a wide reach, their demographic is mostly young people. More than half the users are under 34, with their largest demographic being 18-24 year-olds. This demographic also happens to respond well to mobile ads, with 47% reporting clicking on an ad at least once a month and 46% making a purchase from an ad. 

Advertising options

Because Instagram uses Facebook’s ad platform, you get all the same advertising options: images, videos, carousel ads, etc. Because Instagram is so visual, it is a great platform for video campaigns, which has become essential to many digital marketing strategies. With Instagram, you also get a placement on their explore page. 

Of course, you can also go the organic route. Instagram is the perfect place to show photos of new products or some behind the scenes videos. Like any social media, Instagram gives you a chance to connect with your customers. Plus, it’s super easy to crosspost on Facebook, so you don’t have to worry about doubling your organic content creation. 


Currently, ads tend to spend more on Instagram, with the average cost-per-click at $3.56. Now, this will vary depending on your audience. However, Instagram is included in your Facebook budget, so you don’t have to worry about expanding your marketing budget. 

Instagram is a great place to connect with your customers using both paid and organic content. Being such a visual medium, this platform is great for engaging imagery and video content to bring in clicks. And because it’s connected to Facebook, you don’t have to spend too much time posting content to both. 

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