Benefits of Video Marketing

Video has been a useful tool for marketers for decades. From ads that played before movies to TV commercials to YouTube in-stream ads, video has been used to tell a brand’s story and showcase new products. And that isn’t changing any time soon. With more and more advertising platforms including video options, here are some reasons you should try using video marketing. 

Videos are engaging

Videos are a great way to get people’s attention. You can tell your brand’s story in a more creative way than with still images using dynamic imagery, dialogue, and even music. Video is also a fantastic way to show your products and services in action. In fact, video helps your audience remember about 95% of a message. Additionally, using creative video marketing encourages your audience to join the conversation through their social media engagement. 

Videos are SEO friendly

Because video is more engaging, search engines, like Google, tend to rank videos higher than text. This means if you post a video on your website, Social Media, or even YouTube, that video will appear before a blog post with only text on the same topic. While it’s good to use a variety of mediums in your content marketing, video is a great way to help your SEO and get people the information they need. 

Videos are mobile-friendly

With the rise of mobile use over the past decade, it’s important to create mobile-friendly content. Fortunately, video players, like YouTube and Facebook, have adapted their platform to be mobile-friendly. This means that as long as your video fits into their player, your audience can easily view it on their phone. 

Something to keep in mind is the recent rise in vertical video over horizontal. Platforms like TikTok, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Stories are using a 9:16 ratio for their video to make it easier for users to film with their phones. So, your video should fit there as well. Facebook’s Video Creation Kit makes this easy by allowing you to crop or upload different images for each placement. 

Video has maintained its place in marketing through the years because it is such an effective tool. Having a video telling your brand’s story is a fun way to introduce your brand to a new audience and get them engaged. It’s also a fantastic way to show off new products and services. From boosting your SEO to creating a conversation on social media, video is a great addition to your marketing strategy. 

This isn’t magic, but it requires the ability to assemble and manage hundreds of moving parts while making real-time optimization decisions. We can help ensure every effort is moving you closer to your strategic goals. You can pioneer the Next Level, we’ll be your mission control.

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