Brand Awareness On Facebook

Brand Awareness on Facebook

Social media, especially Facebook, is a great place to build awareness for your brand. Not only does it put your brand in front of your target audience, but it also gives them a channel to interact directly with your content. With plenty of options for both paid and organic content, Facebook provides lots of tools to help you create effective brand awareness strategies.

Organic Content

Organic content is the unpaid content that you post on your brand’s Facebook page. Here, you can tell your audience more about your brand and its mission and values. You can invite them to engage with your content. This also builds trust and keeps your brand at the front of their mind. 

There is plenty of different content you can post on Facebook, and by extension, Instagram. You can share articles and infographics to help establish your brand as knowledgeable in your industry. Or share staff photos and behind-the-scenes videos to let your audience get to know your business. 

Regardless of the types of content you share, the key to a good organic content strategy is consistency. This means making sure everything on your Facebook page is in line with your branding and that you are posting regularly. Use your logo and consistent design elements and tone in any graphics and text. You can also create monthly content plans and schedule your posts ahead of time. This will help make sure there is always fresh content on your page. 

Awareness Ads

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to bring attention to your brand. There are two objectives for awareness on Facebook: reach and brand awareness. While the two are similar, they have a few distinct differences and you will choose which one based on your brand’s specific marketing goals. 

The reach objective aims to put your ad in front of as many people as possible (within your targeting limits). This means a person may only see the ad once or twice, but more people are going to see it. This is beneficial for brands who are looking to cast a wide net when bringing people into their funnel or newer businesses looking to introduce themselves to their community. 

The brand awareness objective aims to put your ad in front of people who are likely to remember it. This is measured by the estimated ad recall lift. While Facebook will show your ad to fewer people, it will show it to them more times. This increases brand recognition for those people. This strategy is good for brands who are looking to expand or simply keep people entering their funnel. 


Reaching the right audience can make or break your awareness strategy. Since you are trying to introduce your brand to new people, avoid retargeting. You could also consider excluding your current followers or recent web traffic to make sure your ad is only shown to new people. You should be targeting at least one of two kinds of audiences: acquisition and lookalike.

An acquisition audience is an audience made up entirely of demographics, interests, and behaviors. Facebook has a detailed targeting tool that allows you to target interests, including hobbies, media, and even other brands that are similar to yours. You can also target different behaviors, like shopping or engagements. This is a great way to bring entirely new people to your brand. 

You could also create a lookalike audience. This kind of audience is made up of people who behave similarly online to another audience you have. You can create a lookalike audience from your Facebook engagement, video views, or website traffic. This is an easy way to get your ads in front of an interested audience. However, you do need to have an audience already made, so this may be harder for newer brands to achieve right away. 

With both of these audiences, you introduce your brand to new people. You could also use these audiences simultaneously to expand your ad’s reach. However, you will need to think about how the audiences may overlap and consider using different creative for each audience. 

Introducing new people to your brand is essential to any marketing strategy. With Facebook’s tools, you can reach thousands of new people and get them interested in your brand. Even with recent changes, Facebook’s targeting will still help expand your brand’s reach and put your ads in front of people who will want to see them. Overall, Facebook is a good place to start your awareness strategies.  

This isn’t magic, but it requires the ability to assemble and manage hundreds of moving parts while making real-time optimization decisions. We can help ensure every effort is moving you closer to your strategic goals. You can pioneer the Next Level, we’ll be your mission control.

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