Brand Awareness On Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to share information about your brand. On the platform, you use images and video, called pins, to entice your audience to click, and then they can easily get to the information you want them to see. Beyond that, they can easily save your pins to go back to later. This makes Pinterest a great place to build brand awareness and a relationship with your audience. 

Organic Content

Posting organically on Pinterest can help keep your audience engaged with your content. Posting and sharing pins regularly is also an excellent way to have your pins show up in feeds of individuals who don’t already follow your brand. To do this, you should create boards that are relevant to your brand and trending on Pinterest, and repost content that is pertinent to your industry or demonstrates creative ways to utilize your products or services. It is also essential to use relevant keywords in your pin title and description so they can show up in searches related to your brand.

Paid content

Pinterest also has advertising tools to help you reach a larger audience with your pins. The advertising platform offers two awareness objectives: brand awareness and video views. The brand awareness objective aims to get more impressions on your pin. Video views, on the other hand, aims for more views, longer average watch times, and more complete views. Both are a great way to get your brand in front of a relevant audience. 

For awareness ads on Pinterest, try showcasing your brand’s story or expertise in your field by promoting articles on your blog. You can also showcase products and services through images or video. Overall, you will want to use creative that introduces your brand to your audience and entices them to engage. 


Pinterest has several ways to build audiences and reach people who are not already familiar with your brand. A good place to start is by using interest and keyword targeting. You can find interests that people who engage with your brand like under the audience insights section of Pinterest Business. From there, you can pick higher-performing interests that are relevant to your ad. You can also use keywords to ensure your ad shows up in searches related to your brand. Choose 25 or more keywords and consider what is trending on Pinterest that your audience would be interested in. 

You can also use actalike audiences. These work similar to Facebook’s lookalike audiences or Google’s similar audiences. With an actalike audience, you can create an audience based on sources like a customer list, web traffic, or Pinterest engagement. Then, Pinterest will target your ad to people who behave similarly online. This is a great way to connect with individuals who are likely to be interested in your brand. 

Because Pinterest users tend to be engaged shoppers, getting them into your sales funnel can be beneficial to growing your business. By using the tools and strategies discussed in this article, you can start to grow your presence and build brand awareness on Pinterest

This isn’t magic, but it requires the ability to assemble and manage hundreds of moving parts while making real-time optimization decisions. We can help ensure every effort is moving you closer to your strategic goals. You can pioneer the Next Level, we’ll be your mission control.

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