Bringing The Heat With An Online Presence

Next Level has the privilege of working with businesses that have been established in our local community for decades. This AC company is no exception. Their digital presence did not reflect their years of experience and impeccable reputation within the community. Next Level set out to change that, working with this client, to help grow their online presence.

The graph shows the lead volume and campaign came from. Organic search produces the most overall leads while Google Paid produces a higher ratio of qualified leads. When we started with this client, they had dabbled in marketing before but were unsatisfied with the quality of their digital marketing. They had deleted their Facebook age and were apprehensive about starting it up again. We wanted consumers to think of this established company when they needed any cooling or heating help.


Next Level devised a plan to get the client back on social media and be active in the digital community. We grew the online presence of this AC company to increase brand recognition by using Facebook Ads. We created new pages for Facebook and Instagram, where they could post organic content. At the same time, we ran paid ad campaigns on those platforms, which have produced impactful results for the yearly revenue of this client.


Through collaborating with Next Level, this AC company reestablished its online presence, leading to an influx of new business. Since starting with us, this client has maintained their online presence on Facebook and Instagram, posting organic content that customers engage with. Over the course of working with Next Level, this client has reached close to a thousand calls, and the campaigns are still rolling.

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