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What is the right budget for your business?

Our team utilizes research tools and previous campaign knowledge to provide you with the answer to your most inner debated question. How much should you spend on digital ads? Our team will answer that question for you, for FREE.

*recommendations are based on the best information available but nothing can replace some good ol’ common sense. A more thorough budget and needs analysis with Next Level is always recommended and completely FREE.

Advertising Costs

The cost of advertising can be difficult to estimate. Even when you’re working in the business and understand your budget, it’s a tight line between under and overspend with media-buys. We find that many small businesses are so overwhelmed that they spend very little on digital advertising and rely on a salesperson to explain. One important factor in determining the best placement to provide you with return on investment, is CPM. We’ve compared the average CPM of several common advertising placements. Digital advertising is by far, the best CPM for your dollar. 

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Where should i put my advertising budget?

Determining the right budget for your business depends on a lot of factors. Advertising costs vary industry to industry and based on what is accomplishable for you. Next Level has worked out many of the kinks when determining budget and uses market research and previous campaign data to figure out what is the right amount to invest in your own advertising. We do our best to always use data to inform our advertising strategy. 

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