Content Marketing

There is no stronger force in marketing than consistent quality content. 

Content is king

You’re busy. The last thing you want to worry about is writing a bunch of articles for your company blog or maintaining an active brand presence on your social media platforms. Content curation of any kind can feel like an arduous process that offers little in return. You might think, is anyone even reading all this stuff? Do people even notice I haven’t posted anything to my company Facebook page in the last eleven months? Why should I make content that won’t make a difference anyway?

Simple. Because it will. Some people convert with little prompting. They’re ready to sign up or check out and they’ll go with the first option that comes their way (or shows up #1 on Google). But the majority of people will shop around. They want to know why you’re the best in your industry, and if your version of success reflects their own. They don’t want to be told how knowledgeable you are – they want you to show them. Your teachers don’t take your answers at face value, and neither will most of your clients. Show your work. Welcome to the digital era of PR.

But we make it easy. We create content relevant to your brand under the appropriate media channels for your business or service. Our specialists do the work for you so that you can focus on the leads without fretting over how to generate them. Our content packages are tailored to your brand and the unique needs of your market and what impacts buying decisions. While one audience might be more driven by insightful and informative blog posts, another might be motivated by relatable social media posts and personal interaction with your brand. Your unique brand package might be a blend of content over a variety of platforms, or it may be heavily targeted to one channel.

There are so many content options that make it difficult to decide which to utilize and which to skip. How do you know what works? No, you don’t make an account on every single platform and try to populate them all with content. You look at the data. Or rather, we do. It’s all marketing, after all. We analyze your audience and audit your competitors to find out what does and doesn’t contribute to your customer experience, and streamline to a few key platforms that are proven to generate or sway conversion. This way you stay active where it counts and avoid the awkwardness of inconsistent media presence.

The presence and quality of content related to your work can make or break a major deal. If someone is looking for help, you need to show up first. Show them that you have a unique insight that can solve their problems. Show them that you’re in their orbit on social media. Show them you’re here, right now. Show your work.

Otherwise, they might go elsewhere.



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