Every Business Needs A Website

Every Business Needs A Website from our CEO, Eric Parent Next Level Digital Media & Marketing, LLC

Whenever a consumer finds a new brand they are interested in, the first thing they will do is check out the business’ website. That website can make or break the business. If it is out of date, poorly designed or hard to navigate, a potential customer is likely to click away, thinking you are out of business or are about to be.

Our CEO, Eric Parent explains why every business needs a website at Next Level Digital Media & Marketing, LLC Agency in Melbourne, fl

When a local clinic came to Next Level, its website was severely outdated. For the every-day user, this may have not been apparent, but when you opened up the hood, the story was different. This website was riddled with old plug-ins, it was hard to navigate, had ineffective security measures, and went down on several occasions because of the lack of maintenance. While all of this was going on, the website was inhibiting the SEO efforts implemented to help this business grow and attract new customers.

A business’ website is the backbone of their online presence. This is where you want to send potential customers who have interacted with your ads on Google and social media, so they can actually purchase your product or schedule an appointment for your service.

It is also where you will put all of your content, such as products and services, your business’ mission, or even blog posts. Your business’ website will also give potential customers information on your brand that they couldn’t get from a Facebook page.

A good website will increase your credibility, not only with customers but with search engines that will crawl your website to validate its (and ultimately your business’) legitimacy. Outdated websites will be pushed down by search algorithms, and your business will not be shown to potential customers.

Working with Next Level, the clinic has launched a new website, updated website and saw positive effects on SEO. They also ran social media campaigns that boosted brand awareness and domain authority.

In the 60 days following the launch of the new website, they have also reported an uptick in calls, 54% of these recorded as first-time callers to the business’ unique call tracking numbers.

Keeping an up to date website is key to maintaining an online presence as a business. This clinic was hurting pushing away potential customers with their bad website. But, launching a new site alongside social media ad campaigns, they have seen a significant rise in interest in their business.

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