Frequently asked questions about digital marketing

A lot of factors like your competition, market, and operations help us determine our budget recommendations. A general rule of thumb for small businesses is that 80-100% of the media budget should go towards digital advertising because it is usually the most revenue producing.

A digital marketing agency can provide a lot of different services related to your business’ marketing depending on their core competencies. At NEXT LEVEL we focus on reporting, digital advertising, and website development/management. Our team provides those services but can also act on your behalf with other marketing/advertising vendors to provide print, video production, and other marketing services. To read more about our agency’s services check out this page.

Next Level has found that getting consistent quality lead generation usually requires some essential details. We like cross platform awareness, a thorough search campaign, and a strong need in the market. There is no secret recipe to getting more leads but if there was it would look like this;

Equal Parts

  • Best practice setup of campaigns and website
  • Appropriate budget based on competition and market
  • Enough time allocated for the ads to run
  • Analyze successes and failures and improve upon them

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. There are many tactics used in the name of SEO but at NEXT LEVEL we use site health checks, industry knowledge, and search engine reports to make sure you are provided with the improved search results you are looking for. To read more about SEO check out this page.

Generally speaking between 1-3 posts per week is sufficient for most small businesses. A business should think about quality over quantity and what is the objective of each post. There are many exceptions to this and a good question to ask might be, how many posts can my business accomplish? It’s better to have less posts of higher quality than more posts of low quality. Focus on providing value and doing as good as you’re able to and you’ll see the value of organic social media.

The most common reasons in 2022 for slow load times are redundancy in code, cache, and plugins. Keeping your media to a minimum and making sure your site is clean and tidy in the backend will help make sure your load times stay under control. Metrics like time to interactive and largest contentful paint on the lighthouse report can often be resolved simply by removing redundancy.

If you’re planning to start a business, digital marketing setup (website, social media profiles) should be among the first things you consider. Your web presence and ability to engage with your users online will be critical to almost any business vertical you might be entering. Even businesses that don’t perform sales transactions online are bolstered by a strong digital presence. You should start planning your digital marketing right after you’ve settled on a business plan but advertising and media buys can wait until you’re able to accept new business. One thing about advertising is that it works most of the time. That means if you start running ads, you’re likely to have some success and it would be a shame to waste a good buyer journey on a deal you have to refer out.

Digital marketing is essential to your business in the same way that monitoring your profit and loss statement is. It is imperative that you make time your marketing needs. If that time is unavailable delegation is key and that’s where our managed services come in.

Most businesses can’t afford to overspend on their marketing. Many know that marketing and advertising is valuable but struggle to understand what works and what doesn’t. With digital marketing we can have a much better understanding of what is happening with the user experience and buyer journey. That means that we get more than just revenue with every purchase, we get the ability to improve our sales process.

Virality is not easily achieved. Through the experience at NEXT LEVEL we can outline two factors that play the largest role in a piece of content’s virality. Timing & relatability seem to be the most important variables in terms of whether or not a piece of content has success. 

  • Timing Your Content
    • In 2022, at the time of this post, this might mean monitoring trending tiktok or IG Reel audios and keeping an eye out for consistent themes. Timing your content with an already building wave of engagement is critical to any kind of virality. Even 24 hours can mean the difference between your content being well-timed and the opposite. Pay attention and if you think you’ve got a good idea, try it. 
  • Relatability
    • Creating content that is relatable to your audience is critical to virality. If you’ve built your audience on cat videos, posting business marketing tips will not be well received. If you’ve built your audience on business related content, a picture of your cat might not be the post your audience was looking for. This will cause your audience to be less engaged and more likely to scroll past. If you want to go viral, you’ll have to appeal to your audience and the audience of the platform you’re posting on. 
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