Good Digital Marketing Campaigns Require Great Project Management

Some of Next Level’s best marketing ideas were originally conceived over whiskeys and wings. While we’d never disparage the use of whiskey and wing inspired collaboration, most of those ideas were never realized. Some ideas were probably more whiskey inspired than others but many failed due to plain old difficulty. It takes a seasoned marketer to understand the difference between a great idea and an executable one. Creative marketing ideas are important but execution is more important and without it, even the most inspired campaigns will fall short.

If Your Strategy Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Achieving your marketing goals probably doesn’t require that many new ideas. A mistake that many businesses make is allowing new ideas and strategies to corrupt their campaigns. Using too many tactics and platforms can lead to many business owners allowing things to slip through the cracks. The good news is that many common strategies got popular because there is some relevant percentage of time that it’s successful. The trick to great marketing in 2022 is to pick a strategy and execute it properly. If you can’t manage it, you can’t measure it and it’s not worth doing. With marketing, you shouldn’t look for success, you should look for how much success. Most strategies will show some evidence of success, the art is in discovering which are most successful.

Give me all the marketing

The most successful campaigns are often comprehensive marketing campaigns that cover a wide range of tactics and strategies. We’ve all had agencies and marketers come through our voicemails and emails touting data and proven results. “You don’t pay till you get results” and tactics of the sort are unbelievably successful for nefarious agencies and it’s because marketing is almost always successful. Any tactic that you use can show you data on impression share and impression value and the truth is, they’re not lying. From print to billboard to product placement ads, there is some value to most marketing tactics but any business should ask itself, how much value? Our data suggests that digital advertising is the best bang for your buck when considering time and money but the most successful campaigns are beyond just the digital ecosystem. Our favorite recommendations include networking, mailers, local or niche publications, public relations, and press management but every business is a little different.  Whatever you choose, you should do it well and to do that you’ll need to manage a lot of creative people. 

Creative wranglin' is risky business

Wrangling creative people can be difficult, managing platforms is difficult, and it takes a team to combine them together. Structure is key in the creative process especially if there are deadlines to be met. In “Procrastination: The Secret Weapon of the Creative Mind” Suzanne Erickson says that “Active procrastination helps creatives excel with their ideas” and cites several resources showing that creative people do their best work at the last minute. The last minute can never come if there is no deadline. Project management and structure provide creative people with the necessary deadlines to create a sense of urgency. Project management will make your creative marketing team more productive and ultimately help you reach your goals more quickly.

Put the budget where it belongs

You should focus on the consistent management of as many tactics that you can keep track of. Great project management means that you can juggle more platforms and tactics to put your effort and budget where it belongs. What’s managed can be measured and what’s measured is managed. To achieve your sales & marketing goals, you should consider investing in a team with a focus on project management because they can keep your campaigns focused on creating more revenue for your business.


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