Holiday Content For Social Media

Maintaining a social media presence is a great way to connect with your customers. Facebook is a great platform for customers to ask questions about products and services, so you should make sure your page is active by posting regularly. And during the holiday season, that is extra important. Over the next few months, you’ll need to keep your holiday content consistent, on-brand, and relevant, which isn’t always easy. So, here are some suggestions to get you started. 

Gift Giving Guides

Tell your audience how your products and services can make a great gift for mom, dad, grandma, or even yourself. This is a great way to showcase what your brand has to offer and include some deals in the process. You also have plenty of options for how you want to format this content; you could write a blog post for your website, share an infographic, or post a video. 

Post for a cause

The holidays are a time for giving and customers love to see brands giving back to their community. So, consider partnering with a local non-profit organization and dedicating a post to them. 

You and your staff can go volunteer for a day and post photos or videos of your time there. You can also turn your post into a fundraiser. Facebook makes this especially easy because you can add a fundraiser to any post and let your followers donate. 

Show off your staff

Let your audience get to know the faces behind your brand. Share a holiday-themed staff photo (though you may want to employ some photoshop this year) or share a video wishing your audience happy holidays from your employees. 

Hold a contest

Post a product giveaway to encourage your audience to engage with your page. Pick a popular product as the prize, then ask them to post their favorite holiday photos in the comments, write an essay, or just like and comment. 

These engagement contests can get a lot of attention, which will boost the post organically. However, you can also run the post as an engagement ad on Facebook to really maximize the post’s performance. 

Look back on your year

Create a video or slideshow featuring some of your favorite projects your brand worked on this year. This could be blog posts, events, or anything else exciting. This allows you to remind your audience of everything they can get from your brand and that any annual events will be coming again next year. 

The holiday shopping season will be happening mostly online this year, so it’s important to maintain your presence there. Having an active social media presence gives your customers an easy channel to connect with and learn about your brand. To make this easier, create a holiday content plan early and schedule out your posts. And stay relevant with all the holidays coming up by using some of these content suggestions. 

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