Marketing ROIs For Roofing Companies

Advertising campaigns executed with years of experience in the roofing industry lead to great results. Next Level Digital Media and Marketing, LLC has the experience needed to turn your advertising and marketing investment into a profitable venture. At Next Level, we have industry knowledge that has proven time and time again to be successful while managing budgets and driving large returns to our clients.

We collected data from a 10-month period. A total of 2300 unique leads were collected each month while the campaigns ran. From these leads, 50% on average led to an initial appointment. On average, 45% of those appointments lead to a contract being closed. Ultimately, this campaign earned our clients over 7 million dollars in revenue during this 10-month period. An advertising and marketing spend totaling $409,000 (10-month) generated this total revenue. This gives us a 1,697% return on investment. 

While the monthly budget fluctuated, there was an average of $41,000 a month spent on advertising and marketing costs. As you could expect, months with lower budgets yielded lower results but remained, generating an incredible return on investment. For example, in July 2019, the total spend of $31,000 generated 110 leads, which saw a revenue of about $371,250, giving us a 1,097% ROI.

While the struggles of seasonality may always rear its ugly head, a healthy budget, well-executed campaign, and constant monitoring and adjustments can stave off any major downturns. Next Level consistently works to make minor and major adjustments as needed. This has helped us stay ahead of the competition and other businesses in similar industries. Our clients usually experience a stronger digital presence and return compared to their local competitors, even when utilizing a lower budget.

(Note: All numbers are rounded down. Results may vary depending on different factors but the above reflect actual client averages Next Level are responsible for generating.)

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