From Content To Calls

A local pest control company with 30 plus years of experience, an abundance of services and knowledge, had an ineffective way of sharing this information with potential customers. Since our time working with this business, they have increased engagement with current fans through post engagement; we have also widened their potential client base through quality creative content, which was shared repeatedly, reaching more people than ever before.

Before we teaming up, there was little to no activity from their followers on social media. Creative content was limited and the company was recycling the same posts to their followers, limiting engagement with the local community.

How we do Pest Control marketing

Since working with Next Level, and especially since creating high-quality video content, interaction has increased significantly. Aside from these videos, general interaction has also increased compared to May 2018, but improvements can always be made.

On top of creative video content, Next Level has implemented in tandem, an effective SEO strategy to keep this company top-of-mind for every potential customer looking for pest control services. This has lead to a steady influx of calls, specifically unique calls since we have began implementing this strategy.

Lifetime call report data from our campaign. SEO clearly wins in call volume, while Facebook comes into play as a brand awareness strategy.

It is our mission to make this long-time pest control company known for their innovative and all-encompassing marketing, which puts them at the forefront of people’s minds when they are in need of pest control.

We would also like to include information about their specialty services few people would know to ask about. This will lead customers to seek out our client by name whenever they come across a particular issue.

Pest Control Marketing Strategy Results

As we continue to work with the company we believe sticking with high-quality video content that is entertaining enough to not just catch the viewer’s attention, but maintain it throughout the full duration of the video, will produce the best brand awareness results for a company whose services are not always the most glamours to talk about. We will implement multiple channels of these engaging advertisements simultaneously, using the familiarity principle to attract potential customers.

Overall, in the past year, this pest control company has received more calls than ever before. The video we made with them is the most popular post on their Facebook, with the most engagement and shares by far. We hope to continue to make creative content for this company to increase business and sales, while also maintaining good reputation management.

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