Pinterest Holiday Hub Highlights

Pinterest Holiday Hub

The 2020 holiday season started earlier than ever this year, with holiday-related searches on Pinterest starting in April this year. So now is the time to get your holiday marketing campaigns going. But don’t worry, Pinterest published their Holiday Hub with all the details on how to create top-notch holiday campaigns. And we’ve got the highlighted best practices right here. 

Switch to conversion strategies

The holiday shopping season is upon us, so it is time to switch to conversion strategies. And Pinterest is the perfect place to do that. Conversions on Pinterest are higher than they were at this time last year. The Pinterest Holiday Hub suggests using traffic and conversion goals to bring more people to your website to not just shop but to buy. And don’t forget to advertise your awesome holiday sales, since everyone is looking for a good deal these days.

Target an audience that will convert

To get conversions, you need to show your ads to the right audience. Retargeting Pinterest users already know your brand is a good place to start. For traffic ads, target users who have engaged with your pins. For conversion ads, target users who have been to your website. These people are already in your sales funnel and are likely to convert.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself only to your current audience. You can also bring in new users who are ready to convert. Pinterest has broken down the different kinds of users that you can target during the holiday season.

  1. The early bird: They started looking for Christmas ideas in April and will probably have their tree up before thanksgiving. 
  2. The traditionalist: They love a classic Holiday season and won’t let any traditions slip away this year. 
  3. The self gifter: For every gift they buy for someone else, they find a little treat for themselves in the shopping cart as well. 
  4. The rookie host: This is their first Christmas at their house and they are looking for ways to make it the best Christmas ever. 
  5. The shipping first shopper: Why leave the house when they can find everything they need online? They’re also definitely looking for free shipping. 
  6. The next level party planner: They are looking for new and creative ways to one-up last year’s party.

 They’re all looking to make purchases for the holiday season. The key is to find the right user for your brand and target their interests and which keywords they’re searching. Make sure you check out the Holiday Hub for all the details. 

Use creative that inspires action

Creative and copy are always at the heart of your ads. You want your ads to be engaging and relevant. Pinterest suggests using images with some dimension – for example, utilize a patterned background. They should also keep with the holiday theme. Try using colors like red, green, and gold, and use pictures of gift boxes, bows, and Christmas trees. And don’t forget your branding!

Copy should be clear and concise. You want to give your audience important information quickly, so keep it short and use easily readable fonts. The most important information is the call to action. You want to make it strong to encourage people to click, shop, or download. Pinterest suggests using phrases like “discover,” “shop,” or “explore,” to entice the user to check out what you have to offer. 

Don’t forget to track your results

Data-Driven marketing is successful marketing. So make sure you are tracking the results for all your ads. This means checking on the spending, engagement, and goal results regularly. For verified merchants, make sure to check your conversion insights on your analytics dashboard. Keeping track of all your metrics will allow you to optimize your campaigns as you go and make preparations for the next holiday season. 

Now is also a good time to check in on your Pinterest tag. The Pinterest tag is what lets you track your website traffic and conversions. Make sure the tag is installed correctly on your main site and any landing pages you are using. You will also want to set up an event tracking code for conversions. Without a correctly installed tag, Pinterest cannot track conversions. 

The Pinterest Holiday Hub has a wealth of information to help marketers make the most of this holiday season. I would highly recommend taking a thorough look at all the best practices and recommendations they put together. 

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