Real Estate Marketing Case Study

Real Estate Agent Case Study from our CEO, Eric Parent Next Level Digital Media & Marketing, LLC
Our Ceo, Eric Parent talks about his experience in working with a particular Real Estate Agent with Next Level Digital Media & Marketing, LLC

These days, an online presence is essential for any business. This includes Real Estate Agents. As with any major purchase, consumers are starting their research online, and with sites like Zillow, Trulia, and even Facebook Marketplace; it is easier than ever to find more information on a property the customer is interested in. This is why marketing online is so important. Beyond that, a thorough online presence can help a realtor become more recognizable and make more meaningful connections.

At Next Level, our real estate agent client already created a brand for himself on social media. Before working with us, he created consistent video content that represented him as a person and established him as an authority in the real estate market. This strategy was fairly successful for him, gaining him roughly 1.5K followers on Facebook. He also ran two Google ads which didn’t have as much success. When his follower count plateaued, he decided to work with an agency. In the months following that decision, we saw some great improvements to his strategies.

First, we worked on his Facebook advertising, promoting videos that were already popular. In addition, we advertised some of his listings. It is important to note that, because this client is a real estate agent, all of his ads fall under the housing category. This means that our targeting options were severely limited. However, we did get around that by using lookalike audiences from his Facebook and Instagram pages. After we started running those ads, the client saw a rise in followers almost immediately.

The client is responsive to feedback from users coming in on Facebook, so we optimized our new campaign for messages. This campaign encourages users to get in touch with the client via Facebook Messenger to discuss buying or selling their home.

In the time of the messenger campaign, the client has seen an increase in productive activity for his real estate business. In fact the client has received ‘solid leads from buyers.’

We also audited this client’s activities on Google Ads and monitored the impact of these advertising efforts on generating new Facebook page views. We recognized that there was some opportunity to increase spend on an ad and this showed some increase in traffic proportional with the budget. Overall, the client’s advertising objectives were best accomplished on social platforms such as Facebook properties where there is more personal influence.

While this real estate agent inherently understood the importance of an online presence, working with a marketing agency helped him take it to the next level. With the support of an agency, his reach overall has expanded, helping him gain relevant business during what has been a hot housing marketing in Brevard County. With Next Level on the team, the client can focus on creating content and working with buyers and sellers to achieve their dream home goals.

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