Should you be advertising on TikTok?

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Our CEO, Eric Parent, on TikTok Advertising

You’ve probably heard of TikTok somewhere over the past few months. It may have been from your kids, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great marketing tool. TikTok is a video sharing platform similar to Vine. All of the videos are under a minute, you can add audio or effects with the app’s native recording tool and more popular content creators on the app can host live streams. 

Our CEO, Eric Parent on Tik Tok Advertising

Last year, TikTok introduced their advertising platform to a few larger brands, including Nike and Fenty Beauty and now they are making it available to more businesses. They offer advertisers a variety of  options including brand takeovers, in-feed videos, hashtags and effects. If you’re trying to find new and creative ways to advertise, this may be the way to go.

With more than 800 million installs, TikTok can help you reach a massive audience. But you have to make sure it’s the right audience for your business. 66% of users are under 30 and 41% are between 16 and 24. And more than half of these users are women. This is a great audience for beauty brands, restaurants, social apps and financial services.

Of course, you do have to cater to this audience. The most successful ads on this platform are ones that blend in with the regular content. In-feed videos that are humorous and play off of trends such as virtual challenges will get more engagement. People will want to watch them as they come up in their feed. You can also work with large creators on the app. Just like with any influencer marketing, they already have a large following of people you want to reach. But on this platform, influencers can also flex their creative skills and help you create an ad that will cater to their audience. 

Of course, reaching TikTok’s 800 Million users comes at a cost. The Average Cost-per-Click is $10. Which means you’re going to need a big budget to reach an adequate amount of users. This is why we’ve only seen large companies advertise on this platform so far. But that doesn’t mean you have to rule out the app completely if your budget is smaller. Posting organic content is completely free and can still get your brand seen. 

The Washington Post has a very successful TikTok presence, as does The Daily Show. Even smaller businesses have done well with organic content, including real estate agent Zachary Loft and hair stylist Shelby Savannah. As long as you produce fun and engaging content, people will follow you and get to know your brand. 

TikTok is not just for kids anymore. The app has a large base and is rapidly expanding beyond its current demographics. Could TikTok be the right platform to advertise your brand?  Find our CEO on TikTok

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