Using Social Media During A Pandemic

If you’re a non-essential business, you’ve probably closed your doors for the time being. Getting people to come into your business is no longer a priority, but you still need to stay in your customer’s minds until you are able to open again. This is where your online presence (which you’ve definitely been cultivating over the years, right?) comes into play. 

Creating Great Content is essential for any social media campaign | Next Level Digital Media & Marketing

Since everyone is stuck at home, they’ve turned to their screens for entertainment, causing social media usage to rise significantly during this time. Because of that, more and more businesses have decided to move their marketing efforts into online spaces. But what kind of strategies should you be employing online?

Consistent organic content is a must. Since just about every business is closed, you need to make it clear to your audience that you are not closed for good. This means posting engaging content regularly. 


Video content is great for getting people’s attention. It does really well on just about any platform because it’s eye-catching and usually entertaining. You can post videos on just about anything. Right now is a good time to post video updates on your business, educational material and behind the scenes content.

LIVE Streams

Just like standard video content, live streams can be very engaging. Most social media platforms have an option to go live, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can put on a live show without anyone having to leave their homes to see it. You can demonstrate new products, host Q&As, or just chat with your audience. Not only does this make for interesting content, it helps you connect with your audience. 


Getting people engaged on your page can be as simple as asking a question. But you can make it more interesting by including a prize. Host your own virtual contest by posting a riddle, question, or holding a raffle. Then give the winner a prize, like a gift card or a free product. People want to interact, not just to show their smarts, but also get something out of it.

DIY & Home Activities

With everyone staying at home, they’re looking for new things to do there. On Pinterest, there has been an increase in searches for DIY self-care, home decor projects, and workouts. Now is the perfect time to hop on that DIY trend and give some advice. Post a video or article with some instructions on how they can do their hair, workout, or make a new game all without leaving their house.

With more and more people moving into online spaces, so should your business. Nobody will see your billboard, but lots of people will see and be able to interact with your Facebook post. Through social media content, you’re doing more than just building a customer base, you’re building a community around your brand. 

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