Will Marketing?

Will marketing be automated? Will marketing jobs be automated? Will marketing become obsolete? Will marketing change? Will marketing get easier?

Will you? won’t you in car? 

Will you? Won’t you near or far?

Will marketing this? Will marketing that?

Will you market in a black hat?

-Eric Parent, CEO Next Level Digital Media & Marketing
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Will marketing die? Change? Continue to shape and form the minds of consumers? No, yes, and always yes. 

Some of the most common questions we get asked in digital marketing & advertising start with “Will marketing {Enter Apocalyptic scenario}” In this blog, we’re excited to share with you the answers to your biggest questions

Will marketing be automated?

A Robot, doing the robot. Super meta

Our team already recommends automating your marketing whenever possible but, not only is automating things more efficient, it also frees up your time to do the things that are impossible to automate, building relationships for example. If people do business with friends, as a business owner you MUST be meeting new people and developing new relationships. Even if you’ve got a skilled team of salespeople, a business owner should always be looking for new people to shmooze and that’s why automation is critical in a 2020 advertising strategy. 

Should it be automated? If we’re getting philosophical, maybe not. A personal & authentic touch to marketing makes a ton of sense. Why not do both? The only rub with authenticity and a personal touch is that it takes time and effort and an impossible amount of creativity and thought but what if instead of being authentic yourself, you were authentic about the fact that this is automation? We stole this idea from one of our friends and messenger bot expert, Amanda Robinson from The Digital Gal. She’d tell you that calling out your bot actually makes it more productive and since implementing this strategy our bots are 3X more engaging. 

Will marketing jobs be automated?

Of course, many marketing jobs are already automated but in our opinion, one skill that humans will always keep over the robot overlords is creativity. As often as the brilliant and diablical try to automate creative thought and out of the box thinking, a robot never quite comes to the same great ideas as several creative minds in a room. 

Is marketing a good industry to go in to? We think so but, if you’re worried about a robot taking your job you might not be a good fit. There are a lot of marketers that aren’t creative and they might lose their jobs to automation. I would say that only the most adaptable and courageous of marketers should continue. The field of skilled marketers is ever waning but they do still exist and if you’re interested in a quick chance at billions of dollars this ain’t really it anymore. 

Bottom line is, like most industries, agency owners are looking to automate, our clients are looking to automate, and we’re always looking to become more efficient. If you think a robot might do your job better than you then it probably does. 

Will marketing become obsolete?

Harry Potter, when asked if marketing will become obsolete.

We think it’s much more likely that marketing will grow in importance to businesses. Marketing has been a valuable skill since the Roman Republic’s elected officials needed to defeat their political competition. We might argue that Columbus was a brilliant marketer for convincing generations of Americans his obvious mistake was in fact, heroic. Napoleon’s short ass thought he’d market himself away from “a megalomaniac who wrought greater misery than any man before the coming of Hitler”.Source and thought a better image might be “an enlightened despot who laid the foundations of modern Europe” Source

Marketing will never become obsolete because businesses and humanity will always need people who understand human beings and the way they react to things. Thankfully, in a 2020 digital advertising strategy, we don’t need to rely on magic or soothsayers. In 2020, a good data analyst can put together a brilliant advertising campaign. It’s easier than ever to be a marketer and with VR and Audio SEO and god only knows what new and interesting ways marketing will evolve. Obsolete? We think not. 

Will marketing change?

From the time we began typing this blog, a different, smarter, and more creative marketer came up with a better way to reach people. Marketing changes faster than any other industry. Our agency has proudly shared our tactics with competitive agencies because it changes so fast. If our competition is waiting for us to tell them what to do, they’ve already waited too long. Next Level marketing companies, the best marketing agencies, are constantly working to push the envelope. 

Marketing is always changing and will never stop. People hate being advertised to so the best ads are built around fooling you into watching an ad. It’s a trade-off, time for attention. This dance is as old as time and in that way, digital marketing and advertising will never change. The tactics will change on a minute to minute basis but the strategy is always the same. Awareness, Consideration, Decision. 

Will marketing get easier?

Digital marketing and advertising will probably not get any easier than it is right now. It is absolutely easier than it has ever been to get video production gear, set up a High-Quality television ad, run a billboard, and send out 10,000 postcards to your future clients. It’s hard for our agency to imagine it getting any easier. That being said, we might have made the same comment 2 years ago, 3, 5 and even 7 years ago. Understanding marketing is getting easier and easier every year. Doing it well still requires a lot of creativity and effort. Just like anything else. 


Will marketing continue to evolve and change the way users make decisions? Yes, maybe even hell yea! Marketing and advertising might seem sorta creepy at times but understanding human behaviors and the buying cycle is an incredible skill. When marketing and advertising are done right, users are delighted to see their favorite brand show them new products. 

Will marketing

be automated? yes
jobs be automated? yes
become obsolete? never
change? always
get easier? How could it possibly get easier, just hire Next Level!

From politics to fast food, will marketing shape our lives? Yes. 

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