Using a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

The objective of marketing is to help businesses grow. All businesses. Even new businesses that have yet to open their doors. This fall, a new Medspa business approached Next Level to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. One that would showcase this new brand, but also bring in customers when they opened their doors. They also wanted a new website, with a modern and functional design that lets customers book appointments online. In addition, they also ran Facebook and Google ads, directing customers to their new website.

30% of all businesses fail in their first two years. Low internet presence and a poor marketing plan are among the top reasons why. In this new digital age, online visibility is just as important as physical location, if not more. A website and social media accounts build brand awareness, as well as a rapport with your customers.


Before launching the campaign, Next Level developed a Facebook, Google Ads, and SEO strategy to prepare for liftoff. When the website launched, it only took a month for this client to see results. Out of our total sessions, 30% came from direct searches for the business’ name, 29% came from organic search results, and 36% of traffic coming from advertising.

In order to help this fledgling website succeed, Next Level created the business’ Facebook account. This helped to create domain authority around the brand name and began to advertise. Using a link traffic strategy, this business began to develop a sense of brand awareness in their community. At the same time, Google ads were deployed to encourage users to book an introductory deal. These ads received a total of 653 clicks, around a 600% increase over the previous period.


During the time this campaign was running, calls to the business were consistently climbing with 73% of the calls coming from first-time callers.

Overall, running these ad campaigns allowed this business to reach more of its targeted audience, boost social media engagement, and gain new customers. This 99% of companies are putting more funding into digital marketing plans, specifically into social media and websites.

All business owners should take control of their business through marketing. Marketing can be invaluable when it comes to growing your customer base. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy can also help you manage your performance by gauging how customers react to engagement. Lastly, it can help you set measurable goals for your companies growth.

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