Content Ideas For January

Your brand’s social media needs to be full of relevant content. But that can be hard to come up with sometimes. And for the new year, you’ll want something fresh to keep your audience engaged and bring in new customers. Here are a few content ideas to get started on your 2021 social media plans! 

New Year’s Resolutions

Share your brand’s 2021 goals with your customers. Include specific ideas on how you plan to help your community, build your audience, or make your prices more affordable. This will give them plenty to look forward to over the next year and keep them in the loop on everything you’ve got planned. 

You can also have your staff share their personal new year’s resolutions. Your audience loves getting to know all the names and faces behind your brand and this is a great way to add a personal touch to your content. 

Create an infographic of 2021 trends

Do some market research and find out what the biggest trends for your industry are in 2021, then use this data to create an infographic to share on social media with all the details. While this will help make the information more visually appealing and interesting, it will also help build trust between you and your audience. They know you do your research and make sure they benefit from it. 

Share new products and policies

With the new year, you’ve got new products, services, policies, and more to share with your customers. Share photos of all your new products, launch a video explaining new services, or host a live stream Q&A to answer any questions about your 2021 policies. These are good ways to engage with your customers and get feedback on all the new and exciting things your brand is bringing into the new year. 

Don’t forget other important events

There is more to January than New Year’s Day. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is January 18th, so make sure you have a post ready to celebrate his life and work. This can be a photo or even a video. We recommend trying a slideshow using facebook’s Video Creation Kit. 

Embrace Winter

Post some fun, relatable winter-themed content for your audience to engage with. You could post a meme or have your team share their favorite things about winter. Consider posting about how your brand can help improve your customer’s life this season. For example, does your brand make candles? Stir up some nostalgia and post about how your candles can keep their home smelling like your grandma’s spiced apple pie on a chilly christmas morning! Or maybe your company installs security systems? Perhaps you could share something about keeping each other safe and cozy in your home. Find a way to personalize the message to your brand!

Never let your social media content get stale. With each new season comes new content opportunities. And January is the perfect time to try out some new content ideas.

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