How Good Graphic Design Can Positively Impact Your Business

By Savanna Heishman

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” – Ralf Speth

Graphic design is used to effectively communicate ideas, messages, and information in a visually appealing way. Graphic design does not exist just to make images look aesthetically pleasing or beautiful, but rather, it is the most important tool you can use to intelligently visualize your brand. Without the implementation of good graphic design in your business, you will be missing out on a lot of growth and financial success. 

Many small businesses and start-up companies neglect to implement a design strategy for their brand. Lacking a design strategy can negatively impact your brand image and therefore, customers will not have a clear picture of the message behind your brand and what products or services that you are selling. Creating visually appealing brand guidelines for your company will show a cohesiveness that is eye-catching and appealing to potential customers. As a matter of fact, research done by Design Council shows that good graphic design can improve sales, profits, turnover, and growth. That’s the goal here, right? If that isn’t convincing enough, here are a few more reasons why good design matters. 

1. Design isn’t about looks. Design is about how it works. 

It is true that you can use graphic design to create beautiful imagery through color, texture, typography, etc. Although, that is not the only function of graphic design. Graphic design is truly one of the most complex forms of art. As Robin Mathew once said, “Design is where science and art break even”. Without graphic design, we would not be able to communicate our ideas effectively to people around the world. Any industry can use it to convey complicated information in a clear, digestible way. 

2. Make a good first impression

First and foremost, you want to create the most memorable first impression of your brand. Only a good design can catch the viewers’ attention in as little as fifty milliseconds. So, it is crucial that you have a graphic designer who can carefully formulate the most effective designs for your company that will convey a strong sense of trustworthiness and credibility. Smart design is important and will pave the way for a great first impression and ultimately, loyal and returning customers. 

3. Build your own unique identity

With graphic design, you have the ability to create your own unique style that differentiates you from all the rest. This is extremely important in a competitive environment where similar companies have competitive prices and products. A unique brand identity can easily set you apart from the competition. Even with extremely similar products, services, and prices, your company will draw in customers simply because of your brand identity and appealing visuals. Do not underestimate the success that can come from strategically building your brand identity with the help of a graphic designer. 

4. Motivate people to take action 

Successful graphic design can provoke people to take action and buy your product or service. A creative headline paired with meaningful design can be one of the most successful parts of your marketing strategy if implemented correctly. Take Nike’s “JUST DO IT” campaign for example. This simple but effective call to action helped Nike improve its North American sport-shoe share from 18% to 43% in just one decade. To achieve this kind of success, consider working with a copywriter and graphic designer to formulate meaningful and eye-catching campaigns. That kind of design will boost sales and convince customers to take action quickly. 

5. Improve sales 

The goal of any company is to generate revenue and sales in order to make a profit. While graphic design is often overlooked as a strategy for generating revenue, it is actually one of the most crucial aspects that should always be considered. Naturally, humans are visually driven creatures. Because of that, we are attracted to uniquely designed products and visuals. Through quality designs, customers can be sure that your company will deliver quality products and services. When consumers trust your business, it is likely that they will become loyal and returning customers and will want to invest in your products. 

As you can see, graphic design plays an important role in the modern competitive business environment. Graphic design is a surefire way to create impressive marketing materials, stay ahead of the competition, and create an everlasting impression. Like Ralf Speth said, “you’ll never know the importance of good design until you understand the cost of bad design.” Take the time to invest in your design strategy, it may be exactly what your business needs to take you to the next level. 

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