Running A Successful Pinterest Traffic Campaign

Any business with a website (which should be all businesses) wants to drive traffic to that site. That is their online home base, with lists of products or services, contact information, and purchasing options. And what better way to drive traffic than a traffic-focused ad campaign?

Users come to Pinterest to find inspiration, like ideas for DIY projects, travel tips, entertainment, and products. Users are excited to find new brands and try them out. This makes it great for traffic and conversion campaigns, with 1 in 2 users buying products from promoted pins.

Take for example a campaign designed to promote lawn care and pest control services.

We ran a traffic campaign for a business offering these services focused our targeting to interests and keywords, keeping everything Home maintenance-related. Since “Home Decor,” which encompasses topics like gardening, decorating, and maintenance, is one of the most popular interests, with 52% of users having a home decor board, this targeting strategy proved successful.

During the first month of this campaign, it generated 610 clicks. We found that page views were up by almost 400% from the previous month, with 407 views coming from Pinterest. 88% of those being new visitors

Traffic from Pinterest=400

In January of 2020, we ran 3 campaigns. The first was a video views campaign, promoting a series of FAQ videos. The other two were traffic campaigns, one targeting prospective customers, and the other retargeting people who had already visited the website. During this period there were a total of 687 clicks. Google Analytics showed us there were 552 sessions from Pinterest, with 84% of them being new visitors

Site traffic up 300% in January

In comparison to last year, sessions on the site are up by nearly 300%, with the majority coming from Pinterest.

By combining information from both Pinterest and Google Analytics, we were able to build a clear picture of how these traffic campaigns brought people to the website. When we looked only at Pinterest, it showed that those campaigns were spending way less than their lifetime budgets. While this may look like the campaigns were struggling, Google Analytics showed that they had significantly boosted site traffic, and even increased the length of sessions on the site.

Moving forward, we have switched to a conversion campaign for this client. While it is still early on in the campaign, it looks promising, with results already being reported. We have switched our budgeting strategy from lifetime to daily to promote more spending but continue with the same interest targeting that has been working.

Overall, Pinterest has been successful for this business in bringing traffic to their website. With a responsive audience, interest targeting, and budgeting options, we have been able to get the results we wanted.

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