The Buyer’s Journey

If you own a business, you have probably heard of the buyer’s journey. This is the path consumers take that leads them to make a purchase and includes 3 main phases: awareness, consideration, and decision. It is important to make sure your brand is known and considered at every stage of this journey. 

These days, most, if not all, of the buyer’s journey happens online. Thus, it should be the framework for any digital marketing strategy. Let’s consider each stage and what platforms and strategies work best.


During the first stage of the buying process, the buyer has identified a problem and begins researching solutions. For advertisers, this is when you want to introduce your brand to the buyer. Ads during this stage should be informative, telling potential customers how you can help solve their problem. 

Display platforms, such as social media, Spotify and Pandora, YouTube, and Google Display, work well for this stage. In fact, 72% of consumers start their research on Google. On these platforms, you should use awareness goals, such as reach or brand awareness, to get your ads in front of people who may be interested in your product or service. These ads will help bring people into your sales funnel and you can remarket to them in the later stages of their journey.


Now, the buyer starts looking for options to solve their problems. While they know of your brand, they are still researching and comparison shopping. During this stage, buyers will return to Google an average of 2-3 times, checking prices and reviews for your brand and your competitors.

This is when you want to start remarketing to the audience you gained during the awareness stage. You can use traffic campaigns to bring the buyer to landing pages dedicated to the product or service they are considering. Include information about why your brand is the best option for them, like what makes you stand out from the competition. Good platforms for this stage include Google Display, YouTube, and Pinterest, as well as Email Marketing Campaigns. 


The final stage of this journey is when the buyer makes a decision. They are aware of your brand. They know what you do and why they should choose you. Now you just have to get them to make their final purchase with you. 

This stage is when you should switch to conversion campaigns. These campaigns focus on getting your customers to either set up an appointment, make a purchase, or sign up for a subscription. You will also want to focus on your Google strategies, including running Google Search ads, updating your Google My Business page, and optimizing your SEO. This way, when the buyer returns to Google one last time, your brand is the first thing they see. Without a strong Google strategy, it is likely that your competitor will win that buyer using promotion. You will want to appear first in that Google search by bidding on and optimizing your brand name. 

You want your brand to be shown during every stage of the buyer’s journey, so it is at the forefront of the buyer’s mind when it comes time to make a decision. Each stage will require different strategies to get your ads in front of potential buyers. 

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