Marketing isn’t about a tactic anymore. You’re not missing a puzzle piece, you’re making the wrong puzzle. ERIC PARENT, CEO Tweet In 2022 it might seem like marketing has changed a lot but the older I get the more I realize that it hasn’t changed at all. Early in my career, I imagined social media …


Advertising Without Tracking

The horizon is changing for digital marketing and if you’re not careful, you won’t see the forest for the trees. Eric Parent, CEO Tweet Apple’s update is a disrupter to the industry for sure, but what’s happening isn’t really changing much, especially if you were looking close. While Facebook is dealing with a lot of …

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What Apple’s New Update Means For Advertisers

Apple’s latest update, iOS 14.4, is coming out early next year. With that, they have updated their privacy policies to protect Apple users’ data. This includes mandating more transparency from apps on how they use customer data, as well as allowing users to opt-out of sharing their data.  For advertisers, especially those advertising on Facebook, …

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Stich Fix: Online Styling and Innovation

Stitch Fix built a strong foundation of women as their client base when it began. This led to a demand for maternity wear and petite clothing. Then there was a need for menswear which resulted in the creation of Stitch Fix Men. Then there was a strong demand for plus size clothing options resulting in the creation of Stitch Fix Plus. Finally, we have the addition of children’s clothing to the line.

Why Turn to Pinterest for Marketing?

Pinterest used to be a place for you to find a new recipe, DIY project, or place to visit on vacation; but now Pinterest is a platform for marketers to make an unprecedented impact on their target audiences. While it isn’t top of mind when it comes to social media marketing, like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest has shown some real results.

Bringing The Heat With An Online Presence

This AC company is no exception. Their digital presence did not reflect their years of experience and impeccable reputation within the community. Next Level set out to change that, working with this client, to help grow their online presence.