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Poorly Designed Ads

We see advertising everywhere. For the most part, the ads look fine, telling us about a product or service and enticing us to click, call, make an appointment, etc. But a poorly designed ad can catch our eye for all the wrong reasons.  While creating good ads can be a challenge, it’s not hard to

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Best Practices in Graphic Design

By Savanna Heishman Whether you are an agency geared towards design and advertising or a company trying to design your own advertisements and branding, it is crucial to know the fundamentals of graphic design. Nobody is born knowing how to be a smart designer, that is something you have to train yourself to do. At

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How Good Graphic Design Can Positively Impact Your Business

By Savanna Heishman “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” – Ralf Speth Graphic design is used to effectively communicate ideas, messages, and information in a visually appealing way. Graphic design does not exist just to make images look aesthetically pleasing or beautiful, but rather, it

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Advertising on Instagram

 Instagram was founded ten years ago and has grown rapidly ever since. In 2019, it’s user base grew by 6.7%. This has made it a valuable platform for many brands, both organically and through paid content. So, should you be advertising on Instagram? Well, good news! You probably already are! Because Instagram is owned by

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Running A Successful Pinterest Traffic Campaign

Any business with a website (which should be all businesses) wants to drive traffic to that site. That is their online home base, with lists of products or services, contact information, and purchasing options. And what better way to drive traffic than a traffic-focused ad campaign? Users come to Pinterest to find inspiration, like ideas

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Social Media Advertising

We’ve all seen ads while scrolling through our social media feeds. While you’re making your way through your Facebook or Twitter feed, liking and commenting on all your friends’ cute pictures of their dogs and sharing articles and photos, you’re also seeing ads. You know it’s an ad, but it’s not as invasive as some other

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Marketing With NextDoor

NextDoor helps users connect with other people in their neighborhood. This niche makes the platform a great place for local businesses to advertise.

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Social Media and Your Business Marketing Strategy

By Savanna Heishman It is no secret that the world we live in today is fueled by social media. Approximately 3.8 billion people all over the world are using social media to stay up to date with the world around them. Luckily for business owners, this is the perfect opportunity to advertise and market your

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Stich Fix: Online Styling and Innovation

Stitch Fix built a strong foundation of women as their client base when it began. This led to a demand for maternity wear and petite clothing. Then there was a need for menswear which resulted in the creation of Stitch Fix Men. Then there was a strong demand for plus size clothing options resulting in the creation of Stitch Fix Plus. Finally, we have the addition of children’s clothing to the line.

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