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Bringing The Heat With An Online Presence

This AC company is no exception. Their digital presence did not reflect their years of experience and impeccable reputation within the community. Next Level set out to change that, working with this client, to help grow their online presence.

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From Content To Calls

A local pest control company with 30 plus years of experience, an abundance of services and knowledge, had an ineffective way of sharing this information with potential customers. Since our time working with this business, they have increased engagement with current fans through post engagement; we have also widened their potential client base through quality

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Pinterest Best Practices

It’s our fav Pinterest is, by far, my favorite platform to market on. Aside from being fun to use as a consumer, it gives great options for ad creative and targeting. And because people using pinterest are looking for new products and services to try, the ads are more welcome, making it a great platform

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?entral Florida Digital marketing agency specializing in video production, digital advertising, and SEO based in Melbourne, Florida. Visit to learn more

SEO Basics

“Everything you create or is written about you online effectively helps or hurts your SEO.” Ryan Russell Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its success is the foundation and result of your digital marketing and advertising efforts. It is equal to the visibility and traffic to your website. SEO is the culmination of your website, landing

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Where should I spend my digital ads budget?

Where Should I Spend My Digital Ad Budget

If your business isn’t already using digital marketing, it should be. Especially right now, while more people are spending time at home and online. But if you’re new to the digital ad scene, figuring out where to focus your efforts can be daunting. With so many online platforms to choose from, where do you start?

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Why is TikTok Special?

What is TikTok?  A video-sharing platform that allows users to follow trends and use music and editing tricks within the platform. There is a LIVE stream component and the user base is highly engaged. It boasts 800 million active users worldwide and watching it rise to social media contender status has been magical. Why is it

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Houseparty Vs. Facebook Messenger | Next Level Digital Media & Marketing Agency Melbourne, FL

Houseparty vs. Facebook

After a few years of peace, we have a new war about to unfold between Facebook and Houseparty. The last great war brought us incredible innovation and tons of cool social media features. Facebook will be forced to use their collective IQ for something other than invading our privacy.  What is Houseparty? Their website boasts

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Is social media advertising worth it?

Travis Scott Astronomical Debut was a glimpse of the future

Over 12 million people watched Travis Scott’s Astronomical Debut on April 23rd. Not only did it set records on the platform but it’s a glimpse into the future of events and good news, our future is not that bleak. First, let me briefly explain what Fortnite is. It is a free, multiplayer game where users

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Tik Tok advertising | Next Level Digital Media & Marketing

Should you be advertising on TikTok?

You’ve probably heard of TikTok somewhere over the past few months. It may have been from your kids, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great marketing tool. TikTok is a video sharing platform similar to Vine. All of the videos are under a minute, you can add audio or effects with the app’s

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