The Buyer’s Journey

If you own a business, you have probably heard of the buyer’s journey. This is the path consumers take that leads them to make a purchase and includes 3 main phases: awareness, consideration, and decision. It is important to make sure your brand is known and considered at every stage of this journey.  These days, …

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Blogging As A B2B Business

Blogging is one of the earliest forms of web content. Since then,  blogs have gone from being essentially online diaries to becoming a valuable marketing tool. Many businesses have turned to blogging in recent years to help boost their site’s SEO and share information with their customers. In fact, 55% of businesses use blogging as …

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Advertising on Instagram

 Instagram was founded ten years ago and has grown rapidly ever since. In 2019, it’s user base grew by 6.7%. This has made it a valuable platform for many brands, both organically and through paid content. So, should you be advertising on Instagram? Well, good news! You probably already are! Because Instagram is owned by …

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